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What is a Disposable Email Address: And How to Avoid It?

What is a disposable email address
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What is a disposable email address? What are its types? Why do people use it? And how to manage and avoid it to grow your business with email marketing? I’ll answer all these questions and help you create one if you want to avoid spam.

With all the recent technology, emails are still the best way to communicate. They’re also important for any business to grow its customers and talk to them.

But for this, you need a list of valid email addresses. And you would want to avoid any disposable email address in your list. Let’s understand the basics first.

What is a Disposable Email Address?

A disposable email address (DEA) is an email address that is usually temporary and is used to avoid unwanted emails. You, as a user, can easily dispose of it without risking your contacts or whatsoever!

What is a disposable email address 1

It’s tempting to use a DEA as a user because it offers many benefits like avoiding spam and more. For example, you look at a website that offers something in return for your email address.

But you don’t trust that site. So you create a disposable email address and feed the site to enjoy the benefit. 

But as an email marketer, it’s always better to avoid this. A disposable email address in your list skews your marketing analytics and damages your sending reputation. And it also wastes a lot of time and tons of energy.

Let’s discuss the types of disposable email addresses now.

Types of Disposable Email Addresses

Disposable email addresses are usually temporary. But some people also create the one for permanent use. There are three forms a disposable email address can take.

  • Throwaway email address
  • Alias email address
  • Forwarding email address

Let’s discuss them one by one now.

Throwaway Email Address (Non-Forwarding Email Contact)

As the name suggests, a throwaway email address exists for as long as you want to use it. You can create such a non-forwarding email address and dispose of it after meeting specific goals.

Throwaway Email Address (GIF)

For example, a user signs up for an email address and enjoys your business’s services. After that, the email address expires and doesn’t exist anymore. It’s useless for you as a business owner.

Many services offer you a throwaway or one-time-use email address. These services include 10 Minute Email, EmailOnDeck, ThrowAwayMail, and more.

All you need is to go to their site and sign up for your disposable address. The worst thing for digital marketers is that these services are usually free. 

Alias Email Address

An alias email address is a variant of actual email contact. Most popular email address providers like Gmail or Yahoo offer the alias. And you can use it to create a new address for the same inbox as your primary email account.

Creating an alias is easy with Gmail. All you need is to add a plus sign (+) followed by any label after your username. For example, you can use username+shopping to avoid any retail emails.

Create Gmail Account

You can also create a throwaway email address with Gmail without using your real information.

Forwarding Email Address

A Forwarding email address is created at a different domain name. It forwards emails to the user’s primary email address. That’s why it’s called forwarding email addresses. It’s challenging to spot it in the world of online business.

People use it to avoid their identity, and it’s one of the major types of disposable email addresses.

Top Benefits of a Disposable Email Address & Why People Use It

For you as a business owner or email marketer, there’s no benefit of a disposable email address in your list. It always damages your business!

But as a user, you may want to enjoy a few benefits of using a disposable email address. Email is one of the most popular forms of communication today. But it has also gained a bad reputation for being less secure.

Let’s see why you would want to use a disposable email address.

Using disposable emails can help to protect your email address and keep your inbox less cluttered.

Enjoy the Privacy

Today, you don’t have to be a spy or deal in top-secret information for this to be an issue. Even people sharing basic details over email have problems with hackers attempting to break their security.

Privacy and security

A disposable email address helps you protect your privacy and be safe!

Avoid Spam Emails

Disposable email addresses are perfect for those who want to sign up for a new service but don’t want to get emails. You don’t want to give away your real email address anyway. If you feel concerned, a disposable email address is a great way to test it before handing over your personal information.

Keep Your Inbox Organized

When you have too many emails in your inbox, it can be tough to find the important ones. Disposable email addresses help you keep your inbox organized by creating separate accounts.

Stay organized

This also makes it easier to delete emails that you no longer need. Not everyone uses disposable email addresses, but they can come in handy for certain people and situations.

Test Some Digital Products or Services

When you’re considering buying a new digital product or service, it can be helpful to try it out first. A disposable email address is perfect for this.

You can create a disposable email account and use it to sign up for the trial or demo of the product or service. Some services like Tempmail offers a pre-made email address when opening their site:

When you have a disposable email, any email that you send is returned to you to log in and read it again. It can be important for developers who are always on the hunt to try out different software and more.

But a disposable email address for your business is dangerous. Let’s get to know the cons of having such an email address on your list now. 

How a Disposable Email Address Damages Your Business

Regardless of how beneficial disposable emails are for users, they’re bad for your business. SaaS companies are prone to it. Let’s get to know how a disposable email address damages your online business. 

Damage Your Sending Reputation

Throwaway email addresses damage your sending reputation because they don’t exist after a certain time. They’ll bounce hard in email campaigns after the expiration. But if you continue to send emails to these addresses, you’ll be labeled a spammer. 

What will happen then? It will affect your email deliverability, and you can also get blacklisted!

Waste Your Time & Energy

The biggest problem with disposable email addresses is that your emails don’t end up in any inbox. It means that no one is going to read your emails. It’s a total waste of time and energy for you as a digital marketer and business owner. 

Skew Email Marketing Analytics

Disposable email addresses created for testing or bad activities will not interact with your business. There will be zero open rates for your emails, skewing your metrics. It will be challenging for you to come up with actual analytics. 

Analytics And Reporting

The result? It will be devastating for your email marketing campaigns. You’ll not have a clear picture of what you can do to grow your business. 

Abuse Your Services

Users with disposable email addresses abuse your free or trial services. You, as a business, would like to allow trying out your services. But people with disposable emails use the services more than one time. 

Such an activity complicates the process of converting trial users into paid ones. And that may be bad for your business revenue. Luckily, there are many things you can do to avoid disposable email addresses. 

How to Avoid a Disposable Email Address (2022)

Use the best email marketing practices to manage and avoid any disposable email address in your list. Build trust, verify your email contacts, and keep cleaning them along the way. 

Understand Your Audience and Build Trust

The number one reason people use disposable email addresses is that they don’t trust all the sites. They feel concerned about their personal information. Any accidental leak of users’ data can cause a huge loss. 

You as a business must understand your audience. And build trust among them by being transparent. Be open on how you collect and use their information. Don’t do anything that harms their trust in your brand. 

Verify All Your Email Addresses

You cannot avoid disposable email addresses just by building trust in your audience. You must verify your email addresses before you start sending emails to them. There are many tools and services to verify them. 

Here’s how you can verify your email addresses:

H-Supertools Free Bulk Email Validation Tool

Email verification is a must if you are an email marketer or a business owner. This way, you can identify all the disposable email addresses. But it doesn’t end here; you need to do it for as long as you are in the business. 

Keep Cleaning Your Email List

Disposable email addresses are here to stay for obvious reasons. So you as a business entrepreneur must keep cleaning your email list. Or else you’ll damage your reputation and skew your email marketing parameters. Create a schedule to clean your list and stick by it.

Summary: What is a Disposable Email Address And How to Avoid It

A disposable email address is usually temporary and created to avoid spam or malpractice. It is your job to avoid them as an email marketer or business owner. These contacts damage your sending reputation, waste your time, and skew the metrics. 

Keep cleaning your list, or else disposable emails will suck your business revenue in ways you have never imagined. I hope this post helps you avoid them! And you can do it by building trust and always verifying contacts.

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